Hello again :D back on this instance. koyu.space has gotten a bit weird lately

@drq @vovanium зы: небольшой фикс, чтобы окантовка вокруг кругов была более ровная

Egoist anarchists then: I think people should be allowed to own slaves
Egoist anarchists now: Nyaa~ I think people should be allowed to own slaves


If you're going to use emacs, don't use the defaults.

I'm trying out spacemacs and its at least 300% better. Just much better defaults.

we've never seen punk rock levels like this

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

oh shit I forgot to put the nobot in my bio :/

Also I'm 17 as of posting this, so don't like send me nudes or anything :P

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Hey everyone on this instance! :D

I'm Quaxis here, my main is @robots and @robots is my other alt. I've also been on mas.to, but we don't talk about that time. Anyway, I've been on the fediverse since march of 2020? I think.

I'm a bisexual (maybe pan) anarcho-communist vegetarian. I'm the lefty who's taking away your rights. I like emacs, kde, linux, and I use android because I haven't gotten a pinephone yet.

I'm looking for a smaller instance, and I came here.

He/him :D


A generalist server for friendly people.