Any possibility I can take a 2 month vacation from life and just exist as a lonely soul floating through the quiet Russian taiga?

@lauteshirn I guess it's not good to be alone for so long, so why not!

@lauteshirn no idea, i haven't really thought it through 🤔 I just picture the taiga from the Planet Earth series

We could start here in Munich, Germany. But then it takes a bit of time before we're in the taiga 🙄

@lauteshirn Yeah I'm thinking I might wanna teleport to like to like northern Russia, close to Finland and start from there so that I can avoid to many people

@lauteshirn Not really, I was thinking, if I'm just a soul maybe I can do that, if not maybe I can just go up above the clouds and float

@Neanzo You look like a good soul!

I think I'm too heavy for this sort of travelling.

Maybe you can take some nice photos of the Taiga and show it to me?

@lauteshirn I don't think i will have any kind of technology with me but I'll do my best to describe it

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